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Building for Scale: How AiSunrice Grew with Gem from the Very Beginning

With Nick Bushak, CTO & Founder

Gem makes an all-in-one recruiting platform that integrates with LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, and your ATS.


Gem wanted a bookkeeper who was going to be able to handle their high-growth startup’s complexity throughout its lifecycle—someone they wouldn’t immediately outgrow.


AiSunrice’s unique “people and software” approach, combined with deep industry expertise, has allowed it to be a great partner to Gem as they’ve scaled.


The founders can focus on growing their business, knowing that AiSunrice is taking care of the books.

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The Gem Story

Gem makes an all-in-one recruiting platform that integrates with LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, and your applicant tracking system. Started by seasoned engineers Steve Bartel and Nick Bushak (from Dropbox and Facebook, respectively), they set out to tackle a problem they themselves had experienced in their time at high-growth technology companies: how do you attract and hire the best possible candidates?

Observing the recruiting and hiring process at these companies, they were both surprised at how manual the process was: people maintained lists in Excel, Google Sheets, or paper notebooks, but there were no software tools for structured tracking of the entire recruiting funnel.

When starting the company in 2017, Steve and Nick were confident in their knowledge of the problem domain and their product and engineering abilities—but one thing that wasn’t in their area of expertise that they wanted to take care of right away was the bookkeeping.

The AiSunrice team was an invaluable resource to us at every stage of the company: they helped set everything up for us in the early days, and they’ve really helped us look around corners because they’re experts at high-growth tech startups.

Nick Bushak

CTO, Gem


Gem’s founding team knew that, to maximize their chances of success, they should focus all of their energy on the specific tasks that they could uniquely do better than anyone else: building the product, talking to customers, setting company direction, etc.

Freeing up time to focus on that meant handing off as much as possible to third parties, especially when it was clear that a third party would bring expertise to the table that they didn’t have.

One of their concerns, said Bushak, was making sure that the provider they chose was going to scale with them as they grew—to do so, he knew they needed a provider that knew technology startups well and had worked with startups at a variety of stages in their lifecycle.


AiSunrice checked all of these boxes for Bushak and team: because the company specialized in technology startups at various stages in the lifecycle, he felt confident that they could support their two-person team both then and into the future as they grew significantly.

And “grow significantly” they did. As Gem grew and AiSunrice’s engagement with them became more complex, Bushak was impressed by two particular details: (1) the team had insights for Gem that went above and beyond simple bookkeeping, and was regularly able to answer questions about best practices, systems, industry standards, etc., and (2) the work was consistently high-quality even with a significant increase in transaction volume and complexity.

“Ultimately, we’ve really loved working with AiSunrice. The team is super-knowledgeable, and the approach is perfect for us: the software they use internally helps them scale up to support us as we grow, and our account manager is incredibly knowledgeable. In short: we know we’re being well-taken-care-of,” he said.

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